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    Trail "Sentiero dei Fiori"

    The trail is one of the oldest and the most popular in the area. It passes on the rocky scree. On the way there are destroyed strengthening of the World War I. Camp Amici della Montagna is located on the trail, but it was closed during our stay there.

    By the traverse of the ridge will require the following equipment: trekking boots, harness, twin tailed lanyard, two carbines, helmet.

    Via-ferrates in the trail Sentiero dei Fiori Passage trail Sentiero dei Fiori The bridge in the trail Sentiero dei Fiori

    Photos from the hiking in the Adamello group
    Description of the area of the Adamello group
    History of the Adamello group
    Training for hiking
    This site is dedicated to mountain hikes on arrays Adamello and Presanella. On these pages you can find the history of the area, description of the location, encountered technical difficulties and other information connecting arrays Adamello and Presanell . The passage of the route without proper experience and without an experienced instructor may harm your health.