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    Weather - this is very important factor that have to be not forgotten when you prepare for the trip. Often this is the cause of failure the route and spoiling vacation. Knowing the frequency of rainfall, you can at home lay days on bad weather and remembering this build a route, or refuse to hike in this season of the year. The main characteristics that should be noted: temperature, rainfall and humidity.

    How could you predict the weather? In archives of meteorological center there is the weather data (usually easy to find online), studying these archives you can make conclusion about the weather conditions. Usually we look at the weather for seven years for terms of the hiking plus and minus a month. So for a hike through the array Adamello from 3 to 18 September has been established:

    1. duration of the bad weather does not exceed five days, and an average is2 days;

    2. 2/3 of this time are the days with low probability of precipitation.

    The maximum temperature at 2000 meters above sea level in the considered periods of time is 22 C, minimum -4 C. Remembering the drop in temperature by rising we can find that at altitude of 3200 m possible maximum temperature is about 16 C, a minimum temperature is -10 C. The trend of temperature increase from 2008 to 2010 also should be taken into account.

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    This site is dedicated to mountain hikes on arrays Adamello and Presanella. On these pages you can find the history of the area, description of the location, encountered technical difficulties and other information connecting arrays Adamello and Presanell . The passage of the route without proper experience and without an experienced instructor may harm your health.