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About us

Our hiking group was formed in the autumn of 2010, the final composition was determined in the spring of 2011. In this period there were numerous group gatherings, trainings and weekend trips. All these activities helped us to union and to improve the physical and tactical and technical training. In the winter of 2010 we developed and passed the route for the South Urals (the ridge Nurgush). In the spring of 2011we started to develop the route and prepare for the summer campaign, and that this site is devoted. All trip participants are members of the Mountain Club of Nizhny Novgorod (NGK), which this year released 15 hiking groups, and it is nearly 120 people.

Park Adamello Brenta

National Park Adamello-Brenta is the largest (620 square kilometers) protected area in Trentino (region of northern Italy), thanks to which its nature is remained in its original form. Here lies one of the largest glaciers in Europe - Adamello. The highest peak of the park is Presanella (3558), the forest zone ends at 1800 meters. Flora of the park consists of about 1500 species, fauna is also varied, here you can still meet a brown bear, deer, wild goats and other rare animals. In the park you can find traces of the First World War, presented in the form of ruins of fortifications, shells, barbed wire. Valley Park is divided by valley Rendena into two parts (Adamello and Brenta). Throughout the park are laid hiking paths.
Photos from the hiking in the Adamello group
Description of the area of the Adamello group
History of the Adamello group
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                Our route

The route was developed by a leader and a navigator in the spring of 2011 under the watchful eye of the president of the Nizhny Novgorod Mountain Club. The route includes two parts: the acclimatization loop through the array Presanella and linear part through the array Adamello. Throughout the park are laid hiking trails, the technically challenging obstacles equipped with additional points of support. More information can be found in the technical description. It should be noted the historical value of the linear part, filled with the spirit of the First World War ("White War in Adamello ").
This site is dedicated to mountain hikes on arrays Adamello and Presanella. On these pages you can find the history of the area, description of the location, encountered technical difficulties and other information connecting arrays Adamello and Presanell . The passage of the route without proper experience and without an experienced instructor may harm your health.