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    All necessary information to obtain a visa to Italy for Russians is on the official website of the visa center in Italy. We can add list of documents with some comments:

    General information

    Applying for a tourist visa by the applicant personally (if not, add a lot of cases with power of attorney).
    A tourist visa allows to stay in Schengen countries up to 90 days in each half of the year (but more often a consulate puts exactly travel dates, so check to be sure that retuning date in the form, tickets and hotel reservation 100% match!). After receiving the visa it is better check the number of days for which you have been given a visa.
    Maximum time to apply for a visa is three months before travel. Since the submission of documents to the receipt of passports it was 7 days.

    Photos from the hiking in the Adamello group
    Description of the area of the Adamello group
    History of the Adamello group
    Training for hiking
    This site is dedicated to mountain hikes on arrays Adamello and Presanella. On these pages you can find the history of the area, description of the location, encountered technical difficulties and other information connecting arrays Adamello and Presanell . The passage of the route without proper experience and without an experienced instructor may harm your health.